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Repair Process

  • First click on your iPod on the homepage or repairs page.
  • If you know what repair you require click to order that repair. Otherwise click to send your iPod in for diagnostic testing.

  • Next simply complete the corresponding form and send your iPod to us or drop it into us.

  • We will either complete the repair you selected or contact you to inform you what repairs your iPod requires and how much they will cost. (Should you not want to go ahead with a repair, we only charge you for return delivery. There is no diagnostic fee).

  • When your iPod has been repaired, we will notify you and you can pay by credit card or paypal on our website. Credit card payments are processed using industry leading security provided by Paypal. Alternatively, you can forward us a cheque or postal order for the amount.

  • On receipt of payment we will send your iPod back to you securely, via courier.

Sending Your iPod


  • We recommend wrapping your iPod in bubble wrap or some other form of protective packaging, placing it in an envelope and posting it to us.

NB: Please ensure that you enclose your contact details with the iPod.

Drop in:

  • The vast majority of our customers post their iPods but if you would prefer, you can drop your iPod into the reception at the address above. Please make sure to submit your contact details with the iPod.


  • Your Apple warranty will be voided if we open your iPod. So please check that it is no longer covered under warranty before sending it to us. We offer a 90-Day warranty on all our repairs!