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Things I found out the hard way about iCloud.

So iCloud is up and running and all you iPod, iPhone and iPad users out there are lapping it up. I finally have iCloud all set up and working smoothly and it is pretty cool. The killer feature for me is Photostream. I take a lot of photos and found it to be a lot of hassle having to hook up my iPhone to my Mac and manually download photos regularly. Now if I am out and about taking photos, those photos are on my Mac by the time I get home which is just what I need.

For me, getting photostream proved to be pretty costly after the series of prerequisites demanded by icloud. In somewhat of a domino effect, one requirement led to another and I had ended up spending a few bob by the end. I probably could have forseen all this if I had done my research in advance but I was eager to get Photostream going and assumed it was going to be a seamless process. I just want to make you guys aware of the pitfalls I encountered.

I firstly set up iCloud on my iphone, which was a doddle. Then I booted iPhoto on my Mac expecting to see a new photostream section but there was nothing. Thought there might have been an iPhoto update I needed, but there wasnt. After reading about icloud, I realised that I needed to purchase OSX Lion in order for it to work. I had been thinking about upgrading to Lion already so this was the push I needed. So I purchased Lion which set me back about 25 quid. Again I launched iPhoto, still no photostream options. A bit more reading and I discovered that I needed to upgrade to iPhoto 11 as I only had iPhoto 09. A bit peeved, I then purchased the new version of iPhoto for another 11.99 euro. Finally, I had all the pieces of the puzzle in place and the power of Photostream was unleashed. Unfortunately, I then began noticing that two of the programs I use most frequently, Parallels Desktop and Dreamweaver had ceased to work. After some research I found out that the version of Parallels that I have doesnt work with Lion and I will have to upgrade to the newest version for 50 quid. The Dreamweaver program runs on a PowerPC platform which Lion no longer supports and hence has rendered that program useless so no doubt I will have to shell out more dosh for another version of that.

Just thought I’d give people a heads up. Things didnt go as smoothly as I have come to expect from Apple.

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