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Replace the Battery in your iPhone 4 or 4S

iPhone 4 or 4S Battery ReplacementiPhone 4 Battery Kit

One of the major drawbacks of a phone that can do so much such as the iPhone is that it can take its toll on the battery. The battery life of the iPhone can diminish significantly over time. With one of our iPhone battery replacement kits you can breath life back into your iPhone for a fraction of the cost of a new iPhone. As well as this, replacing an iPhone 4 or 4S battery is one of the easier repairs to carry out.

  • Firstly turn off the iPhone and switch it to silent mode.
  • Unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the iPhone, one either side of the dock connector. Note that these screws can be one of two types. We supply both screwdrivers with our battery replacement kit so don’t worry.
  • Slide the back cover up towards the top of the iPhone. The rear panel of the iPhone will now be free from the phone so lift it away.
  • Remove the Phillips head screw from the connector on the battery that connects it to the circuit board. Sometimes there are two screws on this connector. If so, remove both screws.
  • Using one of the plastic spudger tools supplied in the iPhone battery replacement kit, gently pry the battery connector up from the circuit board. Now remove the contact clip from the iPhone.
  • There is a plastic Pull Tab that can be used to pull up the battery. In some cases, it can be difficult to separate the iPhone battery from the iPhone using this tab as there may be a lot of glue used. If so, you can pry the battery up using one of the plastic spudger tools supplied.
  • Put in the brand new iPhone 4 or 4S battery and follow the disassembly steps backwards to reassemble your iPhone.


To see an iPhone battery being replaced, check out the video from iFixit below:


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