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How to unlock iPhone

How to unlock an iPhone is one of the things we get asked most frequently. As a result, here is an explanation on how an iphone unlock works. First of all there are two ways to unlock an iPhone: Jailbreaking and an Official Unlock.

Official Unlock

One way to unlock an iPhone is called an “official unlock” or “factory unlock”. The key advantage of this method is that the unlock is permanent, it is an official Apple iTunes unlock and there is no need to install any extra software. You can install Apples latest software updates without fear of your iPhone becoming locked again. Your iPhone will behave as normal in that you wont have any additional non-Apple software on your iPhone. This is also a much easier way to unlock your iphone. All you need to do is submit the IMEI number in order to have the iPhone unlocked on Apples servers. (You can find out your IMEI number by pressing *#06# on the call screen on your iPhone). We at ipodrepairs.ie can provide this official unlocking service specifically for Irish iPhones. Click Here for more info on our official unlock service.


The other way of unlocking the iphone is referred to as “jailbreaking”. This is essentially cracking the software on your iPhone. It can be a bit more complicated than other methods but it also brings added benefits. The main benefit is that you can install a multitude of apps that are not available in the app store, many of which are free. A lot of these apps available through jailbreaking can add functionality to iPhones that Apple doesnt allow via there own eco system.  One very important thing to note about a jailbreak unlock is that you are specifically unlocking the phone at the current software version. What I mean by that is, if Apple release a software update and you update your iPhone, your iPhone will most likely no longer be unlocked, it may even be blocked.

Jailbreaking to unlock an iPhone basically involves downloading a software program to your computer. Then you connect up your iphone and run the software. In some cases there will be a few subsequent steps to be performed on the iPhone itself but the software programs generally guide you through the whole jailbreak unlocking process. There are a number of companies and sites offering jailbreaking options. One that we have tried and have found the most user friendly is jailbreakunlock.org.

So in summary jailbreaking your iPhone is pretty much instantaneous and adds the ability to add third party apps to your iphone. It is however a bit trickier to do and only unlocks the iphone at the current software version. An official iPhone unlock, takes longer but is permanent and you can update to the latest Apple software any time they release an update without your iPhone being locked again. It is also easier to do, just submit your IMEI number.



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