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Replace your iPhone 3G or 3GS screen in 5 mins!

Cracking or smashing the glass touch screen or LCD screen of an iPhone 3G or 3GS is extremely common and very easy to do. Fortunately, repairing this damage is relatively simple too. This guide shows you how to replace the screen on your iPhone 3G or 3GS. With the right iPhone parts and the right iPhone repair tools your iPhone could look like new in under 5 minutes.


iPhone 3G Screws


  • At the bottom of the iphone, either side of the dock connector you will see two screws. Using a small philips screwdriver remove these two screws.




iPhone 3G Screen Suction Cup

  • Press the suction cup onto the iphone screen just. It is best to place it near the bottom end of the iphone screen, just above the home button. Using the pull ring on the suction cup, pull up the screen. The iphone screen is fitted tightly into the iphone as there is a rubber gasket around the screen. This will require some force.




iPhone Screen at 45 degree angle



  • When you have managed to pull up the bottom section of theiphone screen away from the iphone, slowly rotate the touch screen to an angle of about 45 degrees. This is because there are three cables at the top of the screen that are still connected to the iphones motherboard.





  • Whilst holding the iphone screen at 45 degrees, unplug the ribbon connector labelled “1″. You can use a small flathead screwdriver or plastic spudger to do this. The cable is pushed into the connector on the board. You will just need to lift it up from the connector.
  • In a similar manner unplug the ribbon cable labelled “2″ from the iphone circuit board.




iPhone 3G Screen Cable 3


  • The third and final iphone screen cable uses a different type of connector. Special care should be taken when disconnecting this cable. There is a small DELICATE tab on the connector. This should be lifted up so that is rotated 90 degrees. This unlocks the cable and allows it to be slid out of the connector easily. It is vital that this tab is vertical when removing or reinserting the cable.




iPhone 3G Screen Assembly

  • The LCD and glass screen assembly is now completely free from the iphone.



  •  Remove one Phillps head screw from the top right hand corner of the touch screen assembly.



  • Now unscrew the two screws from the right hand side of the assembly. There is a thin strip of black tape along the edge of the screen. Gently peel this away and put it to the side






  • Next, remove the three screws on the other side of the screen assembly.







Insert one of the plastic spudgers in between the metal rails at the side of the screen and gently lift up the LCD screen. Remove the LCD screen and you are now left with the glass touch screen assembly. This is the part you will buy from us.

To install the new touch screen, simply follow the repair steps backwards.




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iPhone Screen Repair

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iphone screen replacement

Fix your iPhone yourself!

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The most typical iPhone repair that’s really needed may be the iPhone screen repair. If the iPhone screen gets damaged, you might be unable to make use of the iPhone by any means even when it’s perfect otherwise. There is certainly a number of factors that you’ll have to take into consideration concerning iPhone screen repair. The initial point to look at is that you can use the assistance of a repair specialist. You can replace an iPhone screen yourself or it’s possible to get it repaired by our iPhone repair center. Our repair company will easily and properly replace the iPhone display screen for you so you can be back using the iPhone as quickly as possible at an affordable price.

Our iPhone repair center will be capable of repairing the damaged display screen and restoring the iPhone to its original condition. Getting your own iPhone screen repaired by an independent repair provider is sometimes a good option. You might need to remember the fact that iPhone screen repair is  not available to you under warranty as in most cases the broken screen is as a result of mistreatment or accidental damage.

In fact, most of the repair centers which offer iPhone screen repair options also offer you iPhone screen replacement tools, and these kinds of equipment are definitely the exact same ones which the iPhone repair center use while they fix your own iPhone. One of the most important things for you who value your iPhone could be that getting your own iPhone repaired by our iPhone repair center can certainly lead to much better quality as compared to choosing to do iPhone screen repair yourself. At iPodRepairs.ie, we ensure a hassle free iPhone screen repair with quality service.

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