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Replace the Battery in your iPhone 4 or 4S

iPhone 4 or 4S Battery ReplacementiPhone 4 Battery Kit

One of the major drawbacks of a phone that can do so much such as the iPhone is that it can take its toll on the battery. The battery life of the iPhone can diminish significantly over time. With one of our iPhone battery replacement kits you can breath life back into your iPhone for a fraction of the cost of a new iPhone. As well as this, replacing an iPhone 4 or 4S battery is one of the easier repairs to carry out.

  • Firstly turn off the iPhone and switch it to silent mode.
  • Unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the iPhone, one either side of the dock connector. Note that these screws can be one of two types. We supply both screwdrivers with our battery replacement kit so don’t worry.
  • Slide the back cover up towards the top of the iPhone. The rear panel of the iPhone will now be free from the phone so lift it away.
  • Remove the Phillips head screw from the connector on the battery that connects it to the circuit board. Sometimes there are two screws on this connector. If so, remove both screws.
  • Using one of the plastic spudger tools supplied in the iPhone battery replacement kit, gently pry the battery connector up from the circuit board. Now remove the contact clip from the iPhone.
  • There is a plastic Pull Tab that can be used to pull up the battery. In some cases, it can be difficult to separate the iPhone battery from the iPhone using this tab as there may be a lot of glue used. If so, you can pry the battery up using one of the plastic spudger tools supplied.
  • Put in the brand new iPhone 4 or 4S battery and follow the disassembly steps backwards to reassemble your iPhone.


To see an iPhone battery being replaced, check out the video from iFixit below:


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Replace your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S Back Cover in under 60 Seconds

iPhone Rear PanelIf the smooth and shiny surface of the back glass on your iPhone 4 or 4S has been scratched or cracked, replacing it is super easy. It is so easy in fact that we don’t offer it as a repair service, we just sell the iphone replacement back cover kit.  This can be done in under a minute. So if you have damaged the back cover of your iPhone, dont go to a repair shop or even go through your insurance. Just order this repair kit, follow the steps below and you will have your iPhone 4 or 4S back cover replaced in no time and at very low cost.

How to Replace the Back Cover:

  • Turn off the iPhone
  • You will see two screws on the bottom of your iPhone 4 or 4S, one either side of the dock connector. Remove these two screws with the supplied screwdriver. These screws will be either a standard Philips type or Apples own type of screw but dont worry we provide both types of screwdriver in our kit.
  • Now with your thumb slide the iPhone back glass up towards the top of the iPhone.
  • The rear cover of the iPhone is now free from the iPhone.
  • Put the new back cover on in the same way you removed the old one. Slide it back down towards the bottom of the iPhone.
  • Screw the two screws back into the bottom of the iPhone and thats it!


Check out the video from iFixit below, to see an iPhone back cover being replaced.

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Replace your iPhone 3G or 3GS screen in 5 mins!

Cracking or smashing the glass touch screen or LCD screen of an iPhone 3G or 3GS is extremely common and very easy to do. Fortunately, repairing this damage is relatively simple too. This guide shows you how to replace the screen on your iPhone 3G or 3GS. With the right iPhone parts and the right iPhone repair tools your iPhone could look like new in under 5 minutes.


iPhone 3G Screws


  • At the bottom of the iphone, either side of the dock connector you will see two screws. Using a small philips screwdriver remove these two screws.




iPhone 3G Screen Suction Cup

  • Press the suction cup onto the iphone screen just. It is best to place it near the bottom end of the iphone screen, just above the home button. Using the pull ring on the suction cup, pull up the screen. The iphone screen is fitted tightly into the iphone as there is a rubber gasket around the screen. This will require some force.




iPhone Screen at 45 degree angle



  • When you have managed to pull up the bottom section of theiphone screen away from the iphone, slowly rotate the touch screen to an angle of about 45 degrees. This is because there are three cables at the top of the screen that are still connected to the iphones motherboard.





  • Whilst holding the iphone screen at 45 degrees, unplug the ribbon connector labelled “1″. You can use a small flathead screwdriver or plastic spudger to do this. The cable is pushed into the connector on the board. You will just need to lift it up from the connector.
  • In a similar manner unplug the ribbon cable labelled “2″ from the iphone circuit board.




iPhone 3G Screen Cable 3


  • The third and final iphone screen cable uses a different type of connector. Special care should be taken when disconnecting this cable. There is a small DELICATE tab on the connector. This should be lifted up so that is rotated 90 degrees. This unlocks the cable and allows it to be slid out of the connector easily. It is vital that this tab is vertical when removing or reinserting the cable.




iPhone 3G Screen Assembly

  • The LCD and glass screen assembly is now completely free from the iphone.



  •  Remove one Phillps head screw from the top right hand corner of the touch screen assembly.



  • Now unscrew the two screws from the right hand side of the assembly. There is a thin strip of black tape along the edge of the screen. Gently peel this away and put it to the side






  • Next, remove the three screws on the other side of the screen assembly.







Insert one of the plastic spudgers in between the metal rails at the side of the screen and gently lift up the LCD screen. Remove the LCD screen and you are now left with the glass touch screen assembly. This is the part you will buy from us.

To install the new touch screen, simply follow the repair steps backwards.




If you would like us to repair your iPhone 3G or 3GS screen Click Here.


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iPhone Insurance Alternatives

The carrier insurance policies


O2 charge €12.99 for their iPhone insurance which works out about €155 euro per year. If you lose your iPhone or it is stolen, O2 claim to provide a replacement within one working day of a successful claim. If your iPhone has been damaged O2 will arrange to have it repaired and provide a mobile phone whilst you are awaiting the completion of the repair. They will also cover you for any  unauthorised calls that are made on your iPhone after it has been reported lost or stolen up to a value of €1500. With this insurance, it is important to point out that for any claim you will still have to fork out a €65 excess charge before any repair or replacement is covered.

Vodafone charge €9.99 per month for their Stay Mobile Plus insurance which comes to around €120 per year. Again, they will either repair or replace your iPhone. There is a €35 excess charge in both cases. They also cover you for unauthorised calls made on your device up to a value of €1000.



So they are two of the insurance plans offered by carriers that sell the iPhone. Many customers will opt for these insurance options due to the convenience of bundling it in with their iPhone contract, but is it worth looking at alternative ways of insuring your iPhone? There are a number of third party companies offering methods of insuring your iPhone. We will briefly look at two of these: gadgetinsurance.ie and protectyourbubble.com.






Gadgetinsurance.ie are currently offering a year long insurance product for €79. Already this is significantly cheaper than both O2 and Vodafones offerings.  For this price however, you are not just covering your iPhone, you can cover up to 5 gadgets up to a value of €500. So you could also cover your digital camera or laptop for example under this one policy. For this you are covered against theft, accidental damage and malicious damage worldwide. The excess payable on claims is a much more reasonable €25.

So the costs involved in this insurance product are much more reasonable but It is important to look at what you are not covered for. You are not covered for any unauthorised calls made on your device after it has been stolen. You are not covered for any manufacturing defects that are not covered by your manufacturers warranty, so if your iPhone just decides to stop working you’re not covered. You are also not covered for water ingress of any kind. Unlike with O2 and Vodafones cover, one major omission from gadgetinsurance.ie cover is that you are not covered for loss of your iPhone for any reason other than theft.







You may have seen ads for this UK based company Protectyourbubble.com on TV or billboards or even on the back of a bus as they have been advertising quite heavily. Insuring your iPhone with these will cost you £5.99 or approximately €6.99 per month which works out at about €84 per year. For this you are covered against theft, accidental damage, liquid damage and unauthorised calls. One extra item you are covered for is breakdown. So if your iPhone develops an electrical or mechanical fault outside of its manufacturers warranty period, the repair costs will be covered. This is something you don’t get with Gadgetinsurance.ie‘s policy. For an extra £1 or approximately €1.17 per month you can be covered against loss of your device. They also claim to replace your phone within 48 hours of a claim or if it can be repaired, they will do so within 5 working days. The excess charge on claims is £50 or approximately €58. If you are claiming for loss of your device you will have to pay a further £25 on top of the £50 excess. With Protectyourbubble.com you get a 10% discount on any other gadgets you wish to add to your policy. So for example, if you wanted to insure your iPhone and your iPad it would cost £9.78 per month or approximately €11 per month.


Comparison Table

We have put together a quick comparison table to allow you to compare insurance offerings. Obviously, we recommend you read throught the full terms and conditions before purchasing any of the insurance products.





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iPhone Screen Repair

If your iPhone touch screen or LCD is broken we can help you get it back up and running. One option is to replace the screen yourself with one of our Do It Yourself iPhone Screen Replacement kits. Our kits include a brand new replacement iPhone screen and all the tools required to perform the repair. These iPhone Repair Kits are the cheapest way to fix your iPhone screen. Click Here to see our iPhone Screen Repair Kits.

iphone screen replacement

Fix your iPhone yourself!

If you dont feel comfortable replacing the screen yourself we would be glad to perform the repair for you. We are based in Dublin and provide a nationwide service. To have your iphone screen replaced Click Here for our prices.

The most typical iPhone repair that’s really needed may be the iPhone screen repair. If the iPhone screen gets damaged, you might be unable to make use of the iPhone by any means even when it’s perfect otherwise. There is certainly a number of factors that you’ll have to take into consideration concerning iPhone screen repair. The initial point to look at is that you can use the assistance of a repair specialist. You can replace an iPhone screen yourself or it’s possible to get it repaired by our iPhone repair center. Our repair company will easily and properly replace the iPhone display screen for you so you can be back using the iPhone as quickly as possible at an affordable price.

Our iPhone repair center will be capable of repairing the damaged display screen and restoring the iPhone to its original condition. Getting your own iPhone screen repaired by an independent repair provider is sometimes a good option. You might need to remember the fact that iPhone screen repair is  not available to you under warranty as in most cases the broken screen is as a result of mistreatment or accidental damage.

In fact, most of the repair centers which offer iPhone screen repair options also offer you iPhone screen replacement tools, and these kinds of equipment are definitely the exact same ones which the iPhone repair center use while they fix your own iPhone. One of the most important things for you who value your iPhone could be that getting your own iPhone repaired by our iPhone repair center can certainly lead to much better quality as compared to choosing to do iPhone screen repair yourself. At iPodRepairs.ie, we ensure a hassle free iPhone screen repair with quality service.

Click Here to get your iphone screen repaired.



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Benefits of repairing your iPhone

If you accidentally broke your iphone, then you should most definitely get it fixed from an iPhone repairs company. You may be unsure whether to get your iPhone repaired or just buy a new one. However, you may be surprised that you will be able to save a significant amount of money by just repairing your damaged iPhone.


There are many benefits when it comes to repairing your iPhone. One of the many benefits that you will get when you repair your iPhone from an iPhone repairs company is that your iPhone will be good as new. There really isn’t much difference between a brand new iPhone and a damaged one that has been repaired, as long as the service you hire is competent in repairing iPhones. It is much better to just repair your iPhone instead of buying a new one, since most services actually make your damaged iPhone good as new.

How much does it cost to repair your iPhone?

The price all depends on what model iPhone you have and also on the extent of the damage. For example if you have an iPhone 3G or 3GS you may just crack the outer glass touch screen or the underlying LCD screen or worst of all both. With the iPhone 4 it is the same price for any screen replacement as the LCD screen and touch screen are fused together as one part. It is worth remembering that the price for repairing your iPhone is no where near the price of buying a new one. It also depends on who you get the iPhone repaired from, as it does depend on each service how much they decide to charge. Nonetheless, it will always be cheaper than getting a brand new one. So if your iPhone got damaged, don’t buy a new one, as it is really expensive to purchase a brand new iPhone. The price of repairing damaged iPhones with quality service is very affordable at iPodRepairs.ie , since you won’t have to pay as much as a new iPhone.

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Using The Service Of iPhone Service Center Fix iPhone

If you’ve already purchased an iPhone, then you certainly have to know that you need to take really good care of this wonderful piece of engineering. This cutting-edge device requires really good treatment, or else, there is a good chance it might get damaged as they are really delicate. Cracked iPhone are typical instance of iPhone mishandling. If this is your problem, you will have to consider very carefully prior to deciding what you should do. If you’re really that confident then you may decide to fix iPhone on your own. Repair instructions are widely accessible that can help you out with all the task. However, you have to take into account that with regards to fix iPhone at home, you’re working on your valuable iPhone by yourself at your own risk.

It is advisable to use the service of a repair specialist to fix iPhone. There are lots of iPhone repair service centers that could effectively fix your own iPhone. Searching for an iPhone repair service isn’t a hard task. You are able to discover one in your town or maybe you may ask your families or friends if they’ve come across any such repair centers.

It doesn’t matter whoever is going to fix iPhone, the specialist has to be careful as well as have good expertise in repairing it. Sometimes, an amateur technician can make a mess of your damaged iPhone, therefore you have to choose carefully the expert you’re going to employ. You can also browse over the web prior to hiring anyone for fixing the gadget. Using the services of the wrong person or newbie technician to fix iPhone might result in worse outcome. It’s just like repairing iPhone yourself without having good knowledge. So prior to employing anyone or using the service of a service center to fix iPhone, you have to be knowledgeable of their past experience.

Here at iPodRepairs.ie we have extensive experience in fixing iPhone, and other similar device repairs and we come with a service warranty.

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How to fix your broken iPhone

The Apple iPhone is obviously one of the best inventions of our generation and millions of people love their device. Unfortunately some people are just not able to take care of their iPhone and they are left with a broken iPhone screen. Some people have no idea how to fix a broken iPhone screen and often times some people will opt for just buying a new iPhone. This can often be very costly and fortunately you have found us.

We are able to fully fix broken iPhone screens and it will not cost you a fortune. Too many times there are companies that will provide the same service but you will pay almost as much as a new iPhone would cost. Though many people love their iPhone and they will do their very best to take care of it, accidents will inevitably happen and you will have to know what to do once the situation occurs.  We are dedicated to giving you the best possible service and at the same time high quality repairs.

Gone are the days where you have to ship your iPhone back to the manufacturer or abroad in order to fix it and wait for weeks. We are able to fix broken iPhone screen fast and efficiently. We at iPodRepairs.ie are an independent company that is focused on fixing your Apple products at a very reasonable price. Though some people will think that their best choice is to go with the cheapest company, it may lead to bad quality work and it is best to just invest in the repair of your broken iPhone screen. So if you are trying to fix broken iPhone screen, you will now know who to work with.

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