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The carrier insurance policies


O2 charge €12.99 for their iPhone insurance which works out about €155 euro per year. If you lose your iPhone or it is stolen, O2 claim to provide a replacement within one working day of a successful claim. If your iPhone has been damaged O2 will arrange to have it repaired and provide a mobile phone whilst you are awaiting the completion of the repair. They will also cover you for any  unauthorised calls that are made on your iPhone after it has been reported lost or stolen up to a value of €1500. With this insurance, it is important to point out that for any claim you will still have to fork out a €65 excess charge before any repair or replacement is covered.

Vodafone charge €9.99 per month for their Stay Mobile Plus insurance which comes to around €120 per year. Again, they will either repair or replace your iPhone. There is a €35 excess charge in both cases. They also cover you for unauthorised calls made on your device up to a value of €1000.



So they are two of the insurance plans offered by carriers that sell the iPhone. Many customers will opt for these insurance options due to the convenience of bundling it in with their iPhone contract, but is it worth looking at alternative ways of insuring your iPhone? There are a number of third party companies offering methods of insuring your iPhone. We will briefly look at two of these: gadgetinsurance.ie and protectyourbubble.com.






Gadgetinsurance.ie are currently offering a year long insurance product for €79. Already this is significantly cheaper than both O2 and Vodafones offerings.  For this price however, you are not just covering your iPhone, you can cover up to 5 gadgets up to a value of €500. So you could also cover your digital camera or laptop for example under this one policy. For this you are covered against theft, accidental damage and malicious damage worldwide. The excess payable on claims is a much more reasonable €25.

So the costs involved in this insurance product are much more reasonable but It is important to look at what you are not covered for. You are not covered for any unauthorised calls made on your device after it has been stolen. You are not covered for any manufacturing defects that are not covered by your manufacturers warranty, so if your iPhone just decides to stop working you’re not covered. You are also not covered for water ingress of any kind. Unlike with O2 and Vodafones cover, one major omission from gadgetinsurance.ie cover is that you are not covered for loss of your iPhone for any reason other than theft.







You may have seen ads for this UK based company Protectyourbubble.com on TV or billboards or even on the back of a bus as they have been advertising quite heavily. Insuring your iPhone with these will cost you £5.99 or approximately €6.99 per month which works out at about €84 per year. For this you are covered against theft, accidental damage, liquid damage and unauthorised calls. One extra item you are covered for is breakdown. So if your iPhone develops an electrical or mechanical fault outside of its manufacturers warranty period, the repair costs will be covered. This is something you don’t get with Gadgetinsurance.ie‘s policy. For an extra £1 or approximately €1.17 per month you can be covered against loss of your device. They also claim to replace your phone within 48 hours of a claim or if it can be repaired, they will do so within 5 working days. The excess charge on claims is £50 or approximately €58. If you are claiming for loss of your device you will have to pay a further £25 on top of the £50 excess. With Protectyourbubble.com you get a 10% discount on any other gadgets you wish to add to your policy. So for example, if you wanted to insure your iPhone and your iPad it would cost £9.78 per month or approximately €11 per month.


Comparison Table

We have put together a quick comparison table to allow you to compare insurance offerings. Obviously, we recommend you read throught the full terms and conditions before purchasing any of the insurance products.





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